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Why Blue Lion Solutions, and Why Now?


COVID-19 has hit the world like a bad economic powerstorm. Life significantly changed for humanity in March and recovery is far from being in-view. There are those who’s lives were completely gutted, and there are the few who looked at this crisis as an opportunity to re-think and innovate. The leadership and staff at Blue Lion saw the unfolding scenarios early on. We realized that going “out there” to transact existing, and new, business in person was quickly becoming something that wasn’t the “norm” it once was. From the largest to the smallest companies one solution emerged: do it remotely, or do it from home.

Blue Lion truly believes that the valid way to create, and conduct, new business is on the internet. We are not alone here. From stock trading giants like Robinhood, to retail behemoths like Amazon, from “try on at home” eyeglass suppliers like Liingo, to online banking, the resounding solution: do it remotely, or do it from home.



The Reality

2020 has brought the world a new reality. Rather than rebel against what we’re looking straight at, Blue Lion Solutions has made the strategic decision to adapt and move forward. We’ve watched the world evolve, and have made a conscious decision to embrace the current environment and use it to our, and our client’s, advantage. If you woke up one day and found yourself living life as a lion, the idea of moving forward as anything else just wouldn’t work.

Blue Lion Solutions

At Blue Lion we offer all the tools you need to maintain your current organization to better standards, or for you to create that brand-new dream of entrepreneurialism. Whether you want to create the most awesome, giving, non-profit, or create that unique entity the world just needs to see that will bring you your first million dollars, we are there for you.

We offer the most basic “nuts and bolts” solutions, to Enterprise solutions where massive companies support big companies who support significant companies who might even support you. And it could all start with the registration of that perfect domain name, that igniting spark, that embodies your dream.


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Our Creative Process

Website Define


The very first step in the creative process is to listen. Truly listen to your client’s vision and define an orchestrated strategy. Help them visualize their ideas and project the implementation.

Website Design


This is the process where ideas become tangible. Where your dreams become something everybody can see in a dynamic brilliance that represents who you are, and what you offer.

Website Refine


This is the part of our very significant relationship where communication is most important. This is where the seasoning and nuances happen. This fine-tunes the elemental dynamics.

Website Build


This is the nuts and bolts part of the campaign where all the visionary concepts, where the all the strategies, ultimately come to life for the entire world’s eye. This is where you stake your Global Real Estate.

About Blue Lion Solutions


Dedicated Web Hosting, Domain Registration, Security

In addition to our Dedicated Web Hosting, Domain Registration, Security Solutions and Workspace Architecture, Blue Lion offers that person-to-person environment with 24/7 Live Support and email inquiries answered within 30 minutes.

Dedicated Web Hosting, Domain Registration, Security Solutions and direct Corporate Branding and Marketing might seem like more than enough, but there’s more.

Blue Lion not only meets – or exceeds –  whatever your personal or corporate demands might be, but with thirty-plus years combined experience and a business model that’s driven by creativity, we are able to provide, and support, solutions that are truly unique.

Start with that perfect domain registration. And start sooner than later because, as you read this, there are companies out there buying the limited number of available domains (TLDs) out there in the ICANN universe and reselling them for thousands of dollars.

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